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Sometimes you just want to go fast, and when the urge become irresistable, the Hammer is the answer!

Designed with 2-Gun and 3-Gun competiton in mind, the Tac-Comp Hammer is a near perfect blend of speed, accuracy, precision, maneuverability, shootability and overall performance. The gun sits nice and flat when hosing close paper allowing for very rapid follow-up shots and confidence in sight picture. The ultra tuned gas and buffer system combined with a crisp and light match trigger allows shooters to call hits on long range targets with confidence and send quick make-up shots when necessary. 

Despite the designer's intent being for competition use, the Hammer would also be very comfortable out in the bush shooting all manner of game appropriate for the cartridge and ringing steel during your weekend range trip with the kids.

Pair the Hammer up with some high-quality match ammo and you'd be hard pressed to find a better performing rifle anywhere near the price point (and even much higher) of the Hammer.  

The Hammer has literally been years in development with help and input from some of the most well known names in the sport of 3-Gun. Competiton ready out of the box and match proven, THIS is the answer the sport has been searching for!


-16" 416R stainless, fluted barrel, 1:8 twist with .223 Wylde chamber and intermediate length gas system.

-House made Black Fire Forge Sport Comp minimizes recoil and muzzle rise. 

-A5 length, specially tuned buffer system.

-15.3" custom handguard with four QD mounting points and interrupted 12 o'clock rail (other options available).

-7075 billet receiver set.

-Right side bolt release.

-Ambidextrous safety.

-Triggertech Diamond 1.5-4# Trigger with straight trigger blade.

-Premium nitride mil-spec BCG.

-Ambidextrous charging handle.

-Ambidextrous 45 degree safety.

-Collapsible stock.

-Lifetime warranty.

-Free shipping.

-Please keep in mind this is a race style gun. Just like a race car needs premium fuel, this gun will perform best with premium ammo. Shooters are consistently getting well under an MOA accuracy out of our test guns with good, match ammo.

We are a custom rifle company first so if you want some options that you don't see here simply call 918-695-5156 or email sales@blackfireforgeusa.com and we will get you squared away!